FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I sign up to make a purchase?

Your subscription helps us to track your order and inform you about the progress of this


By signing up, do I automatically receive promotional e-mails from you?

No, unless you subscribe to our newsletter. If you choose to register, you can request to be removed from the list any time you wish. 

If I register, you will spare my personal data to other companies?

No, we will not allocate your data to other companies. 


I want to add more items after I completed my order, can I do that?

Unfortunately you can not. You should make a separate order for anything extra you want to buy. 

Why my card was declined when placing my order?

 Only your bank can give you answer this.

What should I do in case there is some problem with my order?

Contact us immediately at +30 25410 29494 if it is about a product for female, or +30 25410 69069 if it is a male product, or send us e-mail at info@r-shop.gr 

My purchase is not complete, but I think you have charged me. 

When you enter your card details to pay for your order, your bank automatically deducts the amount of money available from your account, but the charge is not completed until we ship your order. If we do not ship your order, we will not charge you any money and your money will automatically be returned to your bank account. This process takes about three working days, but the exact time frame depends on the provider of your card and your bank. If the time frame is exceeded or you are a  PayPal customer  and the money is not returned to you, please contact us at tel +30 25410 69069 

Which courier companies do you use to deliver your products?


I regret the purchase I've made, how can I change it?

Our main priority is that the customer is satisfied with the purchase, but if you want to change a product, you may do so within 5 working days of receipt, at no cost, and notifying the r-shop.gr directly at (info@r-shop.gr) or by fax at 25410-29494. Please read about the procedure you have to follow in the page: "Returns Policy".

What can I do in case of a defective product?

You have to contuct us immediately by e-mail (info@r-shop.gr) or do not hesitate to call us on 25410 29494 (if it’s a female product) or 25410 69069 (if it’s a male product). Please read about the procedure you have to follow for policy changes and defective products in the page "Return Policy".